Jefferson Comprehensive Counseling Associates

JCCA is committed to providing services to people with substance related disorders that are consistent with best practices, appreciative of client self-determination and placing an emphasis on simultaneous treatment of the co-occurrence of mental health, substance abuse, and physical health conditions either through agency provision or coordination with other providers. Our approach to the problem of substance abuse and dependency is unique in that our philosophy is to treat patients HOLISTICALLY.

Our agency and staff use this holistic approach to treat every aspect of our clients lives - mentally, physically, socially, financially, and spiritually. Addicton and mental illness effect more than just the individual, it effects the entire family. Therefore our treatment approach is not just to help the individual but to heal the entire family. This is achieved through our comprehensive treatment interventions including; Family Counseling, Pediatric Child Therapy, Individual Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling, Group Therapy, Addiction and Recovery Skills Education, Relapse Prevention,  Anger and Depression Coping Skills Education, Health Examinations - Treatment - and Referrals, Spirtual Counseling and Support Groups, Finacial Assistance, Child Care Coordination, Medication Assistance, Transportation, as well as Food and Clothing assistance.