Jefferson Comprehensive Counseling Associates, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization formed by a group of independent therapist and counselors in 2011 to provide quality substance abuse and mental health treatment in southeastern Arkansas, specifically Jefferson County.

Our Mission

At JCCA it is our mission to provide quality comprehensive treatment to individuals and families affected by substance abuse and cooccurring disorders. Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment has decompensated over the last decade, not only in quantity but in quality. The days of residential treatment for substance use disorders are fading fast as pay sources start to dwindle. The majority of the pioneering treatment centers in this state have been bought by larger healthcare corporations that determine client's course of treatment on their paysource or ability to pay. Funding sources should never dictate a course of treatment, but they do everyday, all over this state, and all over our country. To add to this problem, treatment providers, view and teach addiction as a disease that affects the entire family, yet they fail to provide actual treatment and therapy to one's affected most by the consequences of addiction. Our treatment programs and therapy services are set apart by our professional ability, our comprehensive approach, and our holistic treatment philosophy placing empasis on the entire family.